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In a town that is 106-years old, it is not surprising that the formation of a fire department was high on the list of priorities for the city’s founding fathers. In the fall of 1902, a group of citizens organized the city’s first Volunteer Fire Department. One year later, the city established its first paid Fire Department and a formal charter was approved in July of 1905.

The current Fire Department is operated under Chief Robert "Mike" Renner and provides full fire rescue services. The City's Emergency Operations Plan is the responsibility of the fire department and Assistant Fire Chief Jon Laird serves as the City's Emergency Management Coordinator. In addition to the Chief and Assistant Chief, the department includes 18 unionized part-time firefighters and 9 volunteers. For a city of its size, Farrell has some of the best - and most modern - equipment to battle fires of all sizes, both in the city and in surrounding communities.

We strive and are committed to providing a high level of public safety services to the community through fire suppression, disaster services, fire prevention and education.

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:00pm
Non-Emergency Number:
(724) 983-2707

Full-time Law Enforcement Officers
Job Description



Employment Application

Safety Tips &
General Information

  • Remember to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on a regular basis and to change batteries when you change the time on your clocks
  • In case of an emergency have a meeting place outside, preferably near the road, and make sure all household members know of this location
  • The weather siren is tested the first Thursday of every month; reminders are advertised in the Sharon Herald


If you ever thought of being a firefighter, joining the Farrell Volunteer Fire Department is an excellent way to make that thought become a reality. By joining the department you will receive many benefits:

  • Free training at no cost to you, other than time
  • Acquire skills that will help you in all aspects of life
  • Create camaraderie and friendships that may last a lifetime
  • Receiving a sense of pride while helping the community, neighbors and friends
  • Opportunities to move on to a paid position within the fire department or with another department with the proper training and qualifications

Basic Requirements to join the Volunteer Fire Department:

  • Minimum age of 18
  • Have a PA driver’s license
  • Be able to pass a criminal history background check
  • Have no disabilities
  • Ability to perform strenuous physical activities

Members will be provided gear and equipment by the department as well as worker’s compensation coverage in the case you would get injured.
If you are interested in joining please see the link for the Volunteer Fire Department application above.
Attending the Annual Volunteer Fire Department steak fry, which is held on the second Tuesday of August, is a great way to support the department. The department uses all money raised to purchase gear and equipment. If you are interested in helping support the department please contact (724) 983-2707 to purchase tickets. The department is always grateful for donations which can be mailed to the Farrell Volunteer Fire Department, 500 Roemer Boulevard, Farrell, PA 16121.

Burning Information

Home Incinerator Tips:

  • Use a metal barrel in good condition
  • Place 14 gauge steel with 1/4” holes along bottom side of barrel for air supply
  • Punch holes in barrel and shove steel rods or pipes through barrel as this will hold up burning materials and provide a good, clean, fast burn
  • Punch holes near the bottom of the barrel no larger than 1 inch in diameter to provide a draft through the barrel
  • Maintain and clear at least a 5 foot area around the barrel in case the fire would escape the barrel
  • Place a weighted screen on top of the barrel to prevent ashes from blowing out

June 1st to September 30th:

6:00am to 9:00am
Monday thru Saturday

October 1st to May 31st:

6:00am to 8:00am & 5:00pm-7:00pm
Monday thru Friday

  • No burning permitted on Sundays or Holidays
  • No burning of materials that emit offensive odors or smoke, this includes garbage and building materials
  • No open burning is permitted; all burning shall be in a metal barrel or burn ring/pit

*The Farrell Burning Ordinance contains penalties for  violations that will be enforced


Fire Chief
Robert “Mike” Renner
Phone: (724) 983-2703 ext 108
(724) 983-2707

Assistant Fire Chief
Jon Laird
Phone: (724) 983-2703 ext 106
Fax: (724) 398-1827

Captain Marc Mucroski

Captain Craig Fenton

Keith Austin

Matt Goodemote

Corry Fenton

George Getway

Brandon Gilmore

Jared Clemente

Matt Grove

Jim Jones

Lorenzo Jackson

Anthony Palestro

John T. Palovksy

Tony Seltzer

Bill Startzell

Tristan Stefanak

Bill Stigliano

Joseph Varga

Frequently Asked Questions

What can’t I burn during hours?

No burning of materials that emit offensive odors or smoke, which includes garbage and building materials. 

Why is my smoke detector chirping when there is no smoke?

The batteries are probably dying and need changed.

When should I change my smoke detector batteries?

We recommend changing them at least every time you turn the clocks back and ahead.

What does the fire department do for the community?

In addition to their fire fighting duties, the department provides other valuable services to the community:

  • Provides fire safety education programs
  • Enforces the Fire Safety Code
  • Engages in Hazardous Materials activities/services
  • Conducts fire incident investigation
  • Involved in on-going training
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