Health, Code & Zoning Department

Our mission is to promote a clean and safe environment through education, inspections and enforcement related to ordinances, zoning, junk vehicles, weeds & substandard structures and to be actively involved in the neighborhoods and commercial districts of our city to address issues regarding health, safety, and property maintenance.

General Information

Remember, it’s everyone’s job to promote a clean and safe city! Help us help you by reporting the following, or just to ask us a question.

  • Public Nuisance/Unsafe Structures
  • Junk Vehicles
  • High grass and weeds
  • Graffiti
  • Illegal Dumping/garbage build-up
  • Dogs neglected/abandoned or running loose
  • Property Maintenance Issues
  • Non-licensed rental property
  • Zoning

Zoning is intended for the following purposes:

  • To promote health, safety, and general welfare and to protect the public from the adverse secondary effects of various land uses and development
  • To promote coordinated, orderly, harmonious, and practical community development
  • To discourage the intermixture of incompatible land uses and, where such inter-mixture may be beneficial or where zoning district boundaries present transitions between incompatible uses, to control impacts of incompatible uses
  • To lessen congestion and promote public safety and convenience on roads and highways
  • To secure safety from fire, panic, pollution hazards, and other dangers
  • To provide adequate light and air
  • To prevent the overcrowding of land
  • To avoid undue congestion of population
  • To facilitate the adequate provision of housing, commercial and industrial development, transportation, water, sewers, schools, parks, and other public requirements
  • To establish reasonable standards to which buildings and development shall conform
  • To protect and enhance the value of land

Health, Code & Zoning

Mark Yerskey
Phone:  ( 724) 983-2708
Fax: (724) 398-1827

Assistant Health, Code &
Zoning  Officer
Jon Laird
Phone:  ( 724) ​983-2703 ext. 106
Fax: (724) ​398-1827

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 4:30pm
Administration number: (724) ​983-2703

Forms & Documents: 


Rental License Application Employment Application

Rental Licensing

The City of Farrell requires a rental property owner to file a yearly application with the Farrell Code Office. These applications are sent to known rental property owners in January and are to be completed and filed by May of that year.

Important rental property information is as follows:

  • Rental licensing is a requirement per City Ordinance
  • The fee is $40 per unit if paid by May 15th, $60 per unit if paid between May 16th and June 30th and $80 per unit if paid after June 30th. Any units not registered by May 15th will become unlicensed rental properties and you, the owner, as well as your tenant(s), will be notified as such
  • Insurance on rental properties are a requirement and copies of insurance are to be provided by the owner with the completed licensing application
  • Sewer and taxes are to be paid and current
  • Sewer and garbage billings are required to be in the owner's name
  • Properties are to be inspected by the Code Officer prior to occupancy, change of tenant, and/or annually

*Failure to comply may be cause for your property to become unlicensed and notifications will be sent.

For Building Permits, Forms, and Fee Schedules please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

I just moved into my house, how do I get garbage service?

Contact Tri-County Industries at (724) 662-2510 or (724) 748-4705.

Do you have a recycling program and if so how do I get a recycling bin?

Recycling service is provided and picked up on the same day as garbage pickup: every Wednesday. Contact the Public Works Director to have a recycling bin dropped off to your house.

I have a wild animal problem at my house, who do I call to get rid of these?

Contact a pest control company to remove pests from your property as the City does not provide these services.

Rodents are coming into my property; can anybody help me get rid of these?

Contact the Health Officer by calling (724) 983-2703 ext. 105.

What can I put out for garbage pickup?

You can put out anything but electronics, building materials, tires and any hazardous materials. I f you have electronics please contact the Public Works Director at (724) 983-2703 ext. 105 to schedule a pickup.

Who do I contact for rental or sales inspections?

Contact the Code Officer at (724) 983-2703 ext. 106 to schedule an inspection.

Are there leaf pick up days and how do they have to be bagged?

Pick up dates are April 7th, November 17th and December 15th. You can use plastic bags but paper bags are environmentally friendly.

I’m thinking of building a shed, fence or garage, what do I need to do?

Contact the Zoning Office at (724) 983-2703 ext. 105 or 106 to obtain a zoning permit.

We are going to be digging/excavating in the city of Farrell, who do we contact for questions?

contact the Code Officer at (724) 983-2703 ext. 106 to obtain an excavation permit. Any digging requires you to contact utility companies; you can do this by contacting the PA One Call Reporting System by calling 811 or 1 (800) 242-1776.

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