Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

All meeting dates are subject to change, please contact (724) 983-2703 ext. 103 for more information.

If you are a current City resident and are interested in serving on a Board or Commission, please contact at (724) 983-2703 ext. 107.


The duties of the Redevelopment Authority shall be to keep informed on all problems and programs relating to the physical development of the City. To make studies and prepare such applications as may be deemed desirable by the Council in order to ascertain the feeling of the citizens concerning specific development programs.

   5 Year Appointment

    Lila Savage
   Frank Badolato
   Robert Hoagland
   Adrienne Gordon
   Monica Williams
   Atty. James Nevant
   Dave Short (Alternate)
   Tisha Armstrong (Alternative)

The duties of the Zoning Hearing Board shall perform those duties prescribed by law including the duties to conduct hearing and render decisions on appeals from the Zoning Officer. Hear challenges to the validity of any ordnance or map. Hear request for variances and render decision thereon; attaching such reasonable condition and safeguards as it may deem necessary to implement the purposes of law, the Charter or Ordinance. Hear and decide upon requests for special exceptions pursuant to criteria and standards adopted by the Council.

   3 Year Appointment

   Joseph Fordeley
    Marise Wright
    William Shuttleworth
    Atty. Robert Testone
    Kelly Shaffer (Stenographer)
    Evelyn Perry (Alternate Stenographer)
    Judy Scarcella (Alternate Stenographer)
    Lisa Pullium (Alternate Stenographer)

The duties of this Board shall be to review periodically all building, housing and related Ordinances of the City. Advise the City Manager, the Council and the head of the appropriate City Department on projected and proposed policies and procedures for the enforcement of building, housing and related codes. Hear appeals brought before it under the provision of such building, housing and related Ordnances adopted by the City in accordance with law.

    5 Year Appointment

    David Short 
    Isaac Fields
    Paulette Testani
    William Shuttleworth
    Erin Flaherty-Harris

The duties of the Planning Commission are to promote public interest in and understanding of the comprehensive plan, community development and planning and shall hold public meetings to this end. Review and make recommendations to the City Manager, the Council, the Department of Community Development and the Code Review Board concerning the comprehensive plan, the official map, the zoning ordinance, subdivision and land development plans, building standards, regulations for the City and all other plans for community development prepared by the Department of Community Development. Hold Public hearings when reviewing plans prepared by City units.
    3 Year Appointment

    Steven Edwards
    Riley Smoot
    Ronda Keeley
    Deborah Ellebie
    Tracy Stefanak
    Michael Wright
    Javanda Jones
    Monica Williams
    Berry Holloway

Is responsible for periodic review of parks and recreation programs for the purpose of recommending changes; and for advising the City Manager, the Council and appropriate City departments on recreation needs, use of facilities and programs and fee structures relating thereto.

   3 Year Appointment

    Monica Scott
    Kavon Wright
    Mayor Kim Doss
    Alan Harrison
    Verna Smith
    Vern Wright
    Carminal Craig
    Jackie Robinson
    Gary Elerby
    Rosalyn Wright
    Tracy Robinson

Members are appointed by Council to review and make recommendations on all loan applications presented to the City.


   4 Year Appointment

    Denise Jarrett, Greenville Savings
    Marc Mucroski
    David Leyde, Mercer County State Bank
    Gary Powell, NLMK
    Mayor Kim Doss (Non-voting Member)
    City Manager Ben Prescott (Non-voting Member)

The duties of the Health Board consist of but are not limited to the following: Assessment of community health needs, food services, public health complaints, communicable disease reporting, public health information and referral.

   5 Year Appointment

   Robert Multari, DO
   Mary Beth Schuster, RN
   Rochelle James Robinson, RN
   Robert Hoagland, RN
   Emmagene Williams, RN

The duties of the Human Relations Commission are to keep informed on all problems or issues which exist within the City concerning the compliance of laws involving the rights of citizens and the quality and quantity of municipal services. Make such studies as may be deemed desirable. Hear complaints and make recommendations for the resolution thereof. Conduct educational programs and distribute materials relating to the rights of all citizens. Take independent action if necessary to assure compliance with all appropriate laws concerning rights of citizens and the quality of quantity of City services.
    4 Year Appointment

   BJ Pleasant
   Robert Burich
   Chyrisse Seltzer
   Jasyntah Mockabee
   Jean Smoot-Green
   Andrew Harkulich
   Juanita Maykowski
   Susan Grande
   Kim Lampkins
   Lynda Moss-McDougall