City Solicitor

City Solicitor

Appointed by City Council, the Solicitor serves an indefinite term, and furnishes legal advice to Council, City Manager and all Boards and Commissions. The City Attorney may also collect all debts, taxes and accounts due to the City which shall be placed with him/her for collections and shall represent the City and every officer, department, board or commission in all litigation.He/she shall prepare or approve all contracts, bonds and other instruments in writing in which the City is concerned. Upon the request of Council or the Chairman of any committee of Council or of the Manager, the City Attorney shall prepare any ordinance or resolution for presentation before the Council. Further information on the responsibilities of the Solicitor can be found in the City of Farrell Home Rule Charter.

IMG-2344Stephen J. Mirizio, Esq.
(724) 981-2700

Stephen J. Mirizio, Esq.

Stephen J. Mirizio has served as Solicitor for the City of Farrell since 1974.  Initially, as the first Solicitor for the newly created Redevelopment Authority, transitioning to the position of City Solicitor in 1995. Stephen has been a life-long resident of the City, born in 1947. After graduating from Farrell schools, he earned degrees from Youngstown State University and the Cleveland State University, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law with the help of student loans and scholarships.

Mr.Mirizio received his undergraduate degree in accounting from Youngstown State University in 1971 and his law degree in 1974. On October 16 of that year he was admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counselor of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania and on February 14, 1975, was admitted to practice as an Attorney and Counselor in the Federal Court of the Western District of Pennsylvania.